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07 outubro 2011

Novidades da ECM, by the way of Mestre LOC, claro !

ECM Fall Highlights
Three star-studded live albums on ECM Records SPONSORED MESSAGE

Three new ECM albums capture the magic, electricity and power of live performance.

The first finds uniquely expressive saxophonist Charles Lloyd and his brilliant quartet joining forces with Maria Farantouri (Greece's haunting voice of resistance) for a stunning performance under the Athens night sky.

The second unites Chick Corea (his first new ECM date in more than a quarter-century!) and Stefano Bollani, both stars of their instruments for their generations. Effervescent virtuosity abounds as the two piano greats romp through their upbeat program, recorded at a spirited and playful gig at Umbria Jazz's Winter Festival.

And last but not least is a magical performance by Keith Jarrett, returning to Rio de Janeiro for the first time in decades. Jarrett's capacity for creating song forms and compositional structures in the moment is unparalleled, and on this occasion the music that emerges, entirely improvised, demonstrates the intensely lyrical core that marks some of Jarrett's best-loved albums.

Check out what's new from ECM this fall.

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